• Leandro P. Rizzuto  Chairman in Perpetuity
    • Peter N. Foss  President, Advisory Board
    • Merit Cudkowicz MD Chief Medical Officer
    • Stanley H. Appel MD Advisory Board Member
    • Robert Brown D.Phil., MD Advisory Board Member
    • Tom Gentile  Advisory Board Member
    • Clive Svendsen PhD Advisory Board Member
    • Richard Ellenbogen MD Advisory Board Member
    • Randy Fishman  Advisory Board Member
    • Edward J. Rapp  Advisory Board Member
    • Luca Marinelli PhD Advisory Board Member
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    A. Nadeem  Ishaque PhD

    Advisory Board Member

    Dr. Ishaque received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in December 1990. For the past twenty-three years he has held a number of technology leadership positions at GE, with a track record of leading multi-disciplinary teams focused on innovation, breakthrough research, technology transfer and clinical translation. Tools, solutions and novel technology platforms developed by Dr. Ishaque's team are part of GE Healthcare's product portfolio and are routinely employed in disease research and clinical practice. He is currently the Global Director of Diagnostics, Imaging and Biomedical Technologies at GE Global Research, where he leads a portfolio of research programs with a global team of more than 500 GE scientists responsible for shaping the future of the Healthcare industry and diagnostic medicine. Dr. Ishaque specializes in shaping new industry initiatives in science and technology related to biomedical research and clinical translation and has been instrumental in driving important academia-industry collaborations throughout his career.

    Dr. Ishaque has broad experience and expertise in technologies related to Healthcare, ranging from diagnostic imaging and physiological monitoring to life sciences, molecular diagnostics and imaging agents. Earlier in his career, Dr. Ishaque served as the General Manager of Academic and External Scientific Affairs at GE Healthcare, where he was responsible for strategic R&D relationships with academic thought leaders in medical imaging and headed the Applied Sciences Lab.

    Dr. Ishaque has over twenty issued patents. He's widely recognized as an industry leader in Medical Imaging and Diagnostics. He has served on the Scientific Advisory Board and Scientific Review Committee of external and governmental agencies and academic institutions at different times in his career.

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  • Leandro P. Rizzuto
  • Peter N. Foss
  • Merit  Cudkowicz, MD
  • Denis  Rizzuto
  • Stanley H. Appel, MD
  • Robert  Brown, D.Phil., MD
  • Tom  Gentile
  • Clive  Svendsen, PhD
  • Richard  Ellenbogen, MD
  • Randy  Fishman
  • Edward J. Rapp
  • Luca  Marinelli, PhD