ALS Finding a Cure has created a series of videos to help ALS patients and their loved ones better understand the disease and the resources and support that will be needed as the disease progresses. In the following video series, you will hear from individuals living with ALS, their spouses, healthcare providers and professionals who shed light on the impact that this disease has on one’s life. This series will touch on some of the most common and relevant aspects of living with this illness, whether it be you or a loved one. It is our hope that these videos will empower you to be proactive about understanding and managing ALS.

  • Overview


    What is ALS? How does it affect the body? What is the progress of the disease? This video will provide an overview of the disease through the voices of ALS patients, spouses and medical professionals. Play Video
  • Resources


    Managing ALS is overwhelming. The information, equipment and support networks are a lot to take in. Hear from patients and professionals about the resources available to you, and the importance of a network of people to help you through your journey. Play Video
  • Leaning In

    Leaning In

    ALS is different for everyone. Learning to lean in means understanding your truth with ALS and how to be proactive in your journey. Understanding that there is much uncertainty in tomorrow, these videos will help you prepare, embrace and lean into the disease. Play Video
  • Relationships


    Hear from patients as they share their journey with ALS and the impact it has on their family and loved ones. This video provides guidance on maneuvering through the disease and the importance of a support system throughout the journey. Play Video
  • Nutrition


    Getting the right nutrition is important for ALS patients, but that becomes more difficult as the disease progresses. Hear from professionals who provide advice and tips on how to maintain a healthy weight during the different stages of ALS. Play Video
  • Mobility


    Small changes to your lifestyle can have a big impact on your ability to remain independent and active. Hear from professionals on how to adapt to the environment around you and ensure safety in your day-to-day life. Play Video
  • Hygiene


    For many, hygiene is a private and personal subject. Learn how to openly discuss and address the importance of hygiene and safety. Hear from patients and professionals on easy steps and adaptations to help ease transitions as the disease progresses. Play Video
  • Breathing & Communication

    Breathing & Communication

    Breathing and communication are two of the most critical aspects for quality of life. In this video, patients and professionals discuss what can be expected and how to adapt along the journey. This video demonstrates different technologies and instruments that may be useful for different stages of the disease. Play Video
  • Other Videos of Potential Interest

    A series of short videos with information about tube feeding for people living with MND/ALS. Read More

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